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Steakhouse and cafes in Singapore

7 new steakhouse and cafes in Singapore to check out.

There continues to be no shortage of options in Singapore’s diverse F&B scene. And having celebrated 2020’s most noteworthy restaurant openings, it’s time to try something new this year. To start off 2021 on the right foot, just head to the following new hotspots in town.


Seemingly modest dishes truly come alive at Picanhas, a new dining concept along Club Street that celebrates the eponymous Brazilian steak cut. With all their dishes priced affordably, have no qualms trying the

Queen of steak

Queen of Steaks for a serving of picanha steak slices drizzled with browned charcoal butter; or even the highly-recommended

Picanha Don

Picanha Don to enjoy picanha steak slices atop a bed of butterfly pea-infused rice. 

Mocktail Menu List

Mocktails that readily complement the indulgent eats are available as well, and they include the refreshing and fruity Kyoho Sangria as well as the coconut water-based Lemongrass.

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