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Picanha Don

Picanha Don

Can't get enough of Japan-style Don? Look no further than Picanha Don!

Crafted with the utmost care, this extraordinary dish combines the succulent tenderness of premium Picanha steak, renowned for its marbling and flavour, with the unique taste profile of a traditional Japan Don

Savour every mouthful of tender, grilled Picanha slices resting on a bed of steaming, premium Japanese rice cooked from the local butterfly pea flower, which gives its unique colour. The blue-coloured grain is made from butterfly pea flowers, bringing a unique colour to the dish.
The Picanha Don is meticulously prepared to achieve the ultimate umami taste, perfectly balanced for a harmonious dining experience.
Enjoy the unique combination of flavours and textures, making it an unbeatable choice. Elevate your gastronomic journey with Picanha Don – an unforgettable fusion of Japan and Brazil.
  • 100 grams of tender Picanha steak
  • Caramelized onion
  • Pickled cabbage
  • Onsen egg
  • Fried garlic bits.
It's meant to be quick. We want you to be able to order online and get your Picanha Don within minutes.


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