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Queen of Steak

Queen of Steak

Experience the Queen of Steak: A Guide to Picanha


From the heart of Brazil to your doorstep, the Picanha Steak is a cut of beef known for its rich flavour and tender texture. This steak, also known as the Queen of Steak, is a culinary delight that has won the hearts of food enthusiasts worldwide.

What Makes the Queen of Steak Special

The Queen of Steak is not just any cut of beef. Its unique taste and texture set it apart from other steaks. This cut of beef is juicy, succulent, and full of flavour. The steak's signature layer of fat enhances its taste, making it a favourite in Brazilian BBQ.

How the Queen of Steak is Prepared

The preparation of the Queen of Steak is an art. The steak is:

  • Dry brined to enhance its natural flavours
  • Slow-cooked or the Sous Vide to ensure it's tender and juicy
  • Grilled to perfection to seal in the juices

The steak is served medium-rare with a dollop of binchotan butter that melts into the meat, adding an extra layer of flavour.

Serving Suggestions for the Queen of Steak

To complement the rich flavours of the Queen of Steak, it's served with garlic mashed potato and 1 choice of sauce. These simple accompaniments help to highlight the steak's delicious flavour without overpowering it.

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