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Steak In Singapore | Picanhas’

Steak in Singapore | Picanhas' 

Fires Up Steaks For The People on Club Street, Singapore

You gotta love a good steak that’s done well (not well-done). While we’re all familiar with the usual cuts of tenderloin, sirloin and porterhouse that have served our palates well, a prized cut from the rump cap muscle is making big waves in Singapore. Joining the hip and trendy line of restaurants on Club Street is a hot new steakhouse named after the eponymous steak hailing from Brazil, Picanhas’. 

steak in singapore

According to their humble founder Shaleh Jati, Picanhas’ is looking to set themselves apart by grilling up this exquisite cut of steak at affordable prices. In fact, their motto ‘Steaks For The People’ stands as a neon declaration in their trendy modern space, accentuated with mood lighting to create an intimate setting. Counter seats provide an excellent view of their team of chefs – half of them have worked at The Feather Blade – firing up platters of mouth-watering beef dishes. 

Steak in singapore picanhas

There are only two signature mains on the menu (perfect for indecisive friends or dates who can’t make up their mind). The drool-worthy Queen of Steaks (S$21) is a mesmerising picture of picanha steak slices drizzled with browned charcoal butter. With a texture akin to that of the sirloin but with a smoother mouthfeel, every bite is an explosion of robust beefy flavours that gels beautifully with the meat’s signature strip of fat. 

steak in singapore PicanhaDon

If you need more than meat, get your carb fix with the colourful Picanha Don (S$16). Picture slices of sous vide steak on a bed of butterfly pea-infused rice with a colourful arrangement of caramelised onions, pickled cabbage, deep-fried crunchy garlic bits and a runny onsen egg. For a switch in flavours, dip the meat into their selection of sauces: Chimichurri, Wasabi Cream and Sze Chuan (S$2 each). 

steak in singapore picanhas Sides

Still have room? Their variety of side dishes will keep you happy. Get your fix of greens from the creamy Spinach or chow down on an eclectic mixture of sweet and sour in the brightly-coloured CousCous, peppered with sun-dried tomatoes, olives and oranges. Their medley of button and shiitake Mushrooms are roasted to perfection and if you’re still hankering after carbs, we say go for the crispy double-cooked Potatoes with Sriracha mayo (S$7 each). 

steak in singapore picanha mocktail

You might have come for the steaks, but their fun mocktail list keeps the party going, especially when it gets changed up every six months. Conceptualised by David Kit, these fruity Asian-inspired concoctions (S$12 each) complement the flavours of the meat, even without booze. In a glass flashing with a riot of colours and a gingerly balanced torched green apple on its rim, the Adam’s Apple Yuzu brings an invigorating union between cucumber, yuzu and hojicha.

steak in singapore mocktail rose

The creamy Rose offers a more delicate presence of yoghurt, rose cordial and pomegranate with a sprinkling of sweet dehydrated rose chips hidden beneath a mystifying foam bubble. The Kyoho Sangria is a refreshing mix of lychee, chrysanthemum, honey and non-alcoholic red wine with a tinge of cinnamon, topped with a delicate layer of Kyoho foam. For a lighter twist, the coconut water-based Lemongrass inspires with shades of hawthorn and kiwi. 

Picanhas’ is located at 90 Club Street, Singapore 069458, p. +65 97541909. Open Tues-Sun 12pm-4pm, 6pm-10pm.

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