Best affordable steak in Singapore | Picanhas' - Picanhas'

Best affordable steak in Singapore | Picanhas'

Picanhas' at Club Street- Affordable Brazilian Steak and Alcohol Free Wine & Mocktails


As you step into Picanhas’ , you will find it familiar because the restaurant took over The Feather Blade. Thus, this explains the familiar interior with minimal changes on the design. The restaurant located at Club Street offers affordable Brazilian steak and alcohol free wine and mocktails currently. They are thinking to expand their menu from time to time.


Picanha steak is also referred as rump cap. The cut of beef is first made popular in Brazil and later adopted in Portugal.Interesting to learn more about it when have your best friend, google provides you the information.

I visited the restaurant with a friend on a weekday evening. The restaurant was full house. We were seated at the bar counter and watching the staffs in action.


There are only two savoury dishes in the menu and we ordered both. Queen of Steak S$21.00 that comes with 200gm signature PICANHA steak Binchutan Butter. The cut is just nice with a bit of pepper salt seasoning. The fat renders as it cooks the steak, which achieve a moist and flavourful taste. Its all good with its own but of course adding some sauce will gives a different flavour to it.
You can opt to order their Sze Chuan or Wasabi Cream or Chimichurri sauces to pair with the steak. The sauces are priced at S$2.00 each and my personal favourite is their Sze Chuan and Chimichurri sauce.

Next, Picanha Don S$16.00 consists of 100gm PICANHA Steak, caramelised onion, pickled cabage, fried garlic bits, onsen egg and blue pea rice. It is more like a comforting bowl of goodness. The cut of the steak is just nice and a good mix with the onsen egg is all good to enjoy.

There are sides available and we decided to try all. Sides priced at S$7.00 include Double-cooked Potatoes, Mushroom, Cous Cous and Creamy Spinach. We enjoyed all sides except for Cous Cous. We thought it is quite bland for our taste buds.

If you are feeling good to splurge more, go for their pan-fried French Foie Gras or Hokkaido Scallops that are priced at S$11.00 each.

For drinks, there are four types of mocktails to choose from. All priced at S$12.00 each glass include Rose, Adam’s Apple Yuzu, Kyoho Sangria and Lemongrass. The mocktails are devised by David Kit, the mixologist. He is quite a friendly chap and interact with customers like us who are seated at the bar counter.

The restaurant is muslim-friendly and there are no alcohol served here. For non-alcoholic drinkers, you can enjoy your mocktails or alcohol free wine while enjoying the affordable steak without burning a hole in your pocket.

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