Restaurant in Club street - Picanhas, Singapore - Picanhas'

Restaurant in Club street - Picanhas, Singapore

Restaurant in Club Street - Picanhas' 

The “new kid on the block” Picanhas’ opened to much fan fare last December 2020, along the famous Club Street renown for dining and entertainment. Picanha is actually a popular cut of beef first made in Brazil. Today this cut can be found in many other countries like Portugal and has finally made it’s way to Singapore, served via a fun filled dining experience.

restaurant in club street popcorn

A bowl of popcorn was served promptly as a snack while you go through the menu. Now be warned, the popcorn has a secret seasoning so addictive that once your start you simply cannot stop. We suspect chicken powder, salt and pepper but the well trained yet cheeky service staff will not disclose the recipe, no matter how diners tried.

restaurant in club street picanha steak

Two words can aptly describe most of the dishes on the menu, Simple and Bold. Flavours are key and the main focus, without any distraction of any unnecessary fancy plating or garnish, just to try to make the dish look better. Two signature dishes that showcases the essence of Picanhas’ must be the Queen of Steak and Picanha Don.

The Queen of Steaks is picanha steak slices, done to your liking finished with browned charcoal butter and served on a wooden tray. The taste is similar to that of a sirloin, bursting with flavour, tender and juicy. The little fat inside this cut makes overcooking easy, but the world class kitchen team at Picanhas’ does it with finesse and precision.

restaurant in club street picanha don

Picanha Don is a must try and comes with slices of picanha steak over a bed of bluish/purple rice that is made naturally using the Butterfly Pea Flower, a staple in cultures like the Peranakans. The onsen egg center is surrounded by the meat, pickled cabbage, deep-fried garlic bits and caramelised onions. Mix all components well and taste abit of heaven in every spoonful.

picanhas sides

A selection of sides such as Spinach, Mushroom and Potatoes are excellent accompaniments to your meal. The meat is so good that you can eat it on its own although if you are a fan of dipping then order the Sze Chuan and Wasabi Cream sauces which brings a touch of China and Japan to your palate. For mocktails aficionados, the Kyoho Sangria is not to be missed. Beautifully created with tropical lychee, aromatic chrysanthemum, sweet honey, alcohol free wine and Kyoho foam.

In collaboration with Boms & Buns by the duo behind Chulop! These delicious freshly baked choux puffs come in two different flavour when you dine in at Picanhas’- Rocher & Kaya. Rocher is a perfect blend of hazelnut praline and milk chocolate with a hazelnut surprise inside served with Picanahs’ house soft serve and Kaya a pandan custard, whipped mascarpone cream and topped with salted butter served with Picanahs’ soft serve both priced at $12+ now till end of July 2021.

90 Club St, Singapore 069458

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