Halal Steak in Singapore for Ramadan - Picanhas'

Halal Steak in Singapore for Ramadan

Halal Steak in singapore for Ramadan

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Picanhas’ (Halal Steakhouse)

Located in the heart of Telok Ayer is Picanhas’, a halal steakhouse that offers wallet-friendly steak and seafood options to its customers.

halal steak delivery for ramadan

Although only two mains are listed on their menu, their steaks are of picanha cuts in different preparations such as their Queen of Steak ($21) and their Picanha Don ($16).

halal steak delivery raya

Picanha’s steaks go best with their signature mocktails and thirst-quenching sodas, which include their Adam’s Apple Yuzu mocktail ($12) as well as their Raspberry Lemonade soda ($7). If you are looking for a bistro that will satisfy your hunger for steak dishes,

Picanha is just the right place for you. Do drop by 90 Club Street Singapore to pay them a visit!

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