Best steak in singapore - Picanha steak - Picanhas'

Best steak in singapore - Picanha steak

Best steak in singapore | Picanhas'

Best steak in singapore

When the world was screeching to a stop to the COVID-19 pandemic, with an industry facing out of the ordinary challenges, Shaleh Jati went through incredible lengths to set up muslim-owned Picanhas steakhouse.

At this modernized Picanhas restaurant situated in Club Street, the place is designed to impress. It’s one of the places that serves Picanha steak cuts. Picanha is a cut of rump first made popular in Brazil, and later adopted in Portugal.

best steak in singapore halal

Many diners will definitely flock for signature Queen of Steak ($21) that’s beautifully grilled in Binchotan butter with cous cous.  This prized cut of meat holds amble amounts of flavor & has a brilliant texture. Order this if you can, add on the delicious cream spinach and potatoes with Sriracha sauce (each side at $7). For sides, I will not skip the cream spinach.

Best steak in singapore picanha don

The menu also features Picanha Don ($16) that serves as a lighter meal option, featuring 100gm Picanha steak with ingredients like caramelized onions, fried garlic bits and more.

Be prepared to have a good memory of this exquisite meal as their mocktails are pretty exciting to go for. The mocktails ($12 each) are concocted by their mixologist, David Kit as they are made of spirit-free ingredients. You get to experience an eye-opening mocktail making experience. Order the Rose, you will die happy.


Come here when you want to impress someone special, but can’t afford to break the bank. The cuts of meat are grilled to perfection.

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