Affordable steaks singapore - Picanhas' - Picanhas'

Affordable steaks singapore - Picanhas'

Affordable Steaks Singapore coming to you.

Steaks, steaks, steaks. You have your dry-aged, your USDA prime ratings and your A5 Kobe iterations.

Have your pick, albeit at a price I admit I am less than comfortable forking over to any restaurant. Any beef aficionado would have a personal favourite part of the cow, ageing methods and grading aside. But that’s exactly where Picanhas’ hopes to differentiate itself from the rest.

affordable steaks singapore

Launching on 15 December 2020, the restaurant aims to serve its customers with one motto in mind, ‘Steaks for the people’. Founded by Shaleh Jati, the eatery on Club Street centres its menu (and its name) on one particular cut of beef, the picanha. But first, a small biology lesson.

Picanha steak is otherwise referred to as the rump cap. Little known beyond the country of Brazil, this exclusive cut of beef is demarcated by a thick layer of fat running around the edge. To quote Gordon Ramsay, fat is flavour.

Let us take a look at the restaurant’s unique offerings. Featuring two signature bowls, Picanhas’ aims to push across bold flavours that let the meat shine through.

affordable steaks singapore picanhas

The Queen of Steaks (S$21) consists of slices of the Brazillian cut drizzled in browned charcoal butter, a combination which already has me drooling.

Picanha Don (S$16) pairs the beef with butterfly pea-infused rice topped with an onsen egg, caramelised onions and crunchy garlic bits. Customers can look forward to a variety of side dishes such as couscous, double-cooked potatoes with sriracha mayo, and creamy spinach.

affordable steaks singapore picanha don

You can also look forward to a creative assortment of mocktails, if you want to get your drink on (without alcohol, that is). That’s right, everyone can enjoy Picanhas’ drink menu devised by David Kit. The Kyoho Sangria entices with a mix of lychee, chrysanthemum, honey and non-alcoholic wine.

I don’t know about you, but I for one am seriously excited about making a trip down to Club Street to savour some picanha beef. Just look at this video on their

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