Best steaks in Singapore you can find - Picanhas'

Best steaks in Singapore you can find

 22 Best Steaks in Singapore you can find

guide has been a delicious work in progress for awhile now, and is very close to my heart (and arteries). For those of you who have been keeping up with us at, you’ll know that we absolutely love steak, and have gone to great lengths to find the best steaks in Singapore

Best Steaks in Singapore

Most of the steaks in Singapore are either from Australia, USA, or Japan for their prized Wagyu breeds.

This guide is split into more affordable options, and the ‘money isn’t an issue, I own a yacht’ option. But honestly, there’s still a significant difference in quality between the premium cut and the cheaper cuts; you really do get what you pay for. The best balance is perhaps to buy an expensive beef steak at a wholesaler, then cook it yourself with the appropriate equipment.

At well-doneness, the quality of steak makes no difference as all the fats and flavour are pretty much burnt to oblivion— you can eat a tyre and it’ll be the same. For those who are still here, let’s dive into our list of 22 best steaks in Singapore.

—Good & cheap steaks—

By cheap, I mean that these are S$30 to S$50 steaks. It’s all relative, because if you want any decent cut that costs less than S$20 a steak, you’re going to have to cook it yourself. Check out our wholesale fresh meat guide on where you can buy good raw steaks just for that. But if you are the type that can set maggi mee on fire, here’s my list.

Best steaks in singapore Picanhas

3. Picanhas’

Best steaks you can find in singapore

Picanhas’ aims to serve its customers with one motto in mind, ‘Steaks for the people’. Founded by Shaleh Jati, the eatery on Club Street centres its menu (and its name) on one particular cut of beef, the picanha.

Picanha steak is otherwise referred to as the rump cap. Little known beyond the country of Brazil, this exclusive cut of beef is demarcated by a thick layer of fat running around the edge. To quote Gordon Ramsay, fat is flavour.

The must-try is the Queen of Steak (S$25) which consists of slices of the Brazillian cut drizzled in browned charcoal butter, a combination which has us all drooling.

90 Club Street, Singapore 069458

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