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Best Steak In Singapore To Meat Your Expectations [2022]

Let loose your starving bellies as we bring you the 10 best steak in Singapore that are definitely a cut above the rest.Best Steak in Singapore

What makes the perfect steak?

Is it the tender, meaty explosion of juices and flavour, or that breathtaking sear, whereupon a clean slice reveals a perfect pink hue with a tinge of red?

Different people have their personal favourites, including the cut of beef, the doneness and ratio of fat to lean meat. Cooking a piece of steak masterfully requires plenty of skills and experience, and it’s definitely not a piece of cake finding a place that does this right.

To spare you the trouble, we’ve compiled the 10 best steak in Singapore for a sizzling night out.


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Ribeye, sirloin, tenderloin, flank and brisket: these are the common types of beef cuts you’ve probably heard of, or had before.

The lesser-known rump cap cut that Muslim-owned Picanhas’ uses is also known as the Queen of Steak, and for good reason. Recognised for its characteristic strip of drool-inducing fat, it packs a burst of bold beefy flavour that’ll instantly show you why it’s all the rage in Brazil and South America.

Club street

The lean menu includes mesmerising mains like The Queen of Steak ($21), Picanha Don ($16), sides like Cous Cous ($7) and Spinach ($7), as well as mocktails like Kyoho Sangria ($12) and Lemongrass ($12). Glowing reviews speak of the warm service, impressive food, amazing ambience and affordable prices.

Pssst: if you drop by and find the staff familiar, that’s probably because they’ve hired most of them from The Feather Blade!


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