Pancakes Crepe - Panquecas' Club Street - Picanhas'

Pancakes Crepe - Panquecas' Club Street

Pancakes in Singapore 

Get your crepe on with a slew of sweet and savoury options

Pancakes for the people

The folks behind Picanhas’ are back with another establishment in Club Street. Dubbed as ‘Pancakes for the People’, the new dessert joint, Panquecas—located right next to Picanhas’—will showcase more sweet treats you’ll be craving after chowing down a huge piece of red meat; something I’d be down for since a steak dinner always leaves me with a bad sweet tooth.

Pancakes Crepe

Although they are named Panquecas’, which translates to pancakes, what they have on the menu is akin to French pancakescrêpe. If you’re a huge lover of the usual fluffy pillows, don’t be put off by its skinny cousin for what they have on the menu will definitely get you going back for more than one.

Pancakes Apam Balik

Expect to find a range of sweet and savoury crêpes, flavoured teas, coffee, and artisanal sodas. If that’s not enough, they have a slew of local-flavoured thin pancakes like the Kopi-O (S$13) and Apam Balik (S$13), and on the savoury side of things, you can find the Pincanha Roll and Panqueca Roll, both priced at S$18.

The Picanha Roll is something to try at least once in your lifetime. It’s essentially Calrose rice, chimichurri cabbage, carrots, and Asian slaw rolled in a crêpe, with a side of 100g Picanha steak. The savoury dessert is well-loved by many, and honestly, it just feels like having two meals at one go. Why would anyone say no to that?

Aside from their desserts, tea lovers will love their selection of Creme Cheese Teas (S$8 each) and Sparkling Teas (S$7 each). If you’re looking for a new place to update your Instagram feed with, Panquecas’ the place for you.

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