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Picanhas': A Taste of Club Street Best Restaurant

Welcome to the vibrant culinary landscape of Club Street, a gastronomic haven nestled in the heart of Singapore. This bustling locale is home to an array of dining establishments, each offering a unique taste of the city's diverse food scene. Amidst this culinary kaleidoscope, Picanhas' Steakhouse shines as a beacon of gastronomic excellence and heartfelt hospitality.

At Picanhas', we're not just another restaurant on the block. We're a destination for food lovers seeking an extraordinary dining experience. We believe in serving more than just food; we serve experiences and memories at affordable prices.

Choosing the right dining spot in Ann Siang Hill & Club Street can elevate your culinary journey from ordinary to extraordinary. And that's where we come in. 

Picanhas' Steakhouse: A Unique Culinary Experience


What sets Picanhas' apart in the bustling food scene of Club Street

It's our unique blend of culinary expertise, exceptional service, and a commitment to creating genuine connections.

Deliciously cooked Picanha steak, the signature dish at Picanhas' Steakhouse.

Our signature offering of secondary steak cut of the Brazilian Picanha, is a testament to our dedication to culinary excellence. Revered for its succulent flavour and tender texture, our Picanha, known as ‘Queen of Steak’, is a must-try for every meat connoisseur. It's not just a dish; it's a culinary journey that celebrates the rich flavours of Brazil.

Delightful Crepes Dessert with Soft serve, a sweet treat at Picanhas' Steakhouse

Enhancing our array of meat offerings, we proudly present our delightful selection of Crepes Dessert with Soft serve, an exquisite treat that infuses an international touch into our menu. These delectable crepes are uniquely crafted with a signature local flavour twist, including the beloved Apam Balik—a local favourite.

Crafted with love and served with a smile, our crepes pancakes are a delightful treat that will satisfy your sweet tooth.

What truly defines us at Picanhas' is our unwavering dedication to providing heartfelt service and fostering genuine connections, ensuring that every guest feels valued and cherished. Whether you're celebrating a special occasion like a birthday or anniversary, simply inform us in advance by leaving a remark during the booking process, and our attentive staff, known as the 'People,' will go above and beyond to make your experience truly memorable.

In conclusion, Picanhas' Steakhouse is more than just a restaurant; it's a place where you can enjoy a unique dining experience. From our specialty cuts like Queen of Steak to our Dessert Crepes Pancakes, we are here to elevate your dining experience in Club Street. Join us at Picanhas' and discover the difference for yourself.

Customer Reviews and Feedback: The Voice of Our Patrons

Happy customers enjoying their meal at Picanhas' Steakhouse

At Picanhas' Steakhouse, we believe that our customers are our greatest critics and our biggest supporters. Their feedback and reviews are a testament to our commitment to providing a memorable dining experience. 

Amelia: “First of all, its my first time to Picanhas and i have to admit, the food is amazing, the crews is fabulous. Celebrated my husband birthday with a delicious "Sweet Dream" ice cream which was on the house. Its definitely worth every dollars and cent. Thank you for all the crews that make my husband birthday amazing and definitely will come back again.”

Alex: “Went with a group of four. Staff were super friendly and gave us refillable complimentary popcorn. Within minutes of ordering we received our Queen of the steaks. Steaks were perfectly cooked to medium rare and tasted wonderful and were tender. Dessert had amazing presentation and all of them on the menu was a 10/10 would highly recommend. Definitely would come here again place has good food and good vibes the perfect lepak experience.”

Conclusion: Join Us for a Unique Dining Experience

Elegant dining setting at Picanhas' Steakhouse.

Above all, our unwavering commitment to providing a warm and genuine dining experience has deeply resonated with our esteemed patrons. They genuinely appreciate the sincere and attentive service we deliver, as well as the connections we forge with each and every guest. This heartfelt dedication lies at the core of our values, ensuring that every visit to Picanhas' Steakhouse is not only a culinary delight but also a memorable and meaningful occasion.

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Join us at Picanhas' Steakhouse and be a part of our story. We look forward to serving you soon!

Question 1: What is the history of Club Street in Singapore?

Answer 1: This street's official name is believed to have originated from influential Chinese clubs and trade guilds that attracted high society and played a significant role in Singapore's economic, social, and cultural development. They shaped the city's progress and left a lasting impact on its history.

Question 2: Is there parking in Club Street?

Answer 2: When you plan to explore Club Street, rest assured that there are parking options available to make your visit convenient. You can make use of public parking lots like the URA car park on China Square Central or the one on South Bridge Road. Additionally, there are private parking facilities and parking buildings nearby. To avoid any last-minute stress, it's a good idea to check for parking availability and rates ahead of time. That way, you can enjoy your time on Club Street without worrying about finding a parking spot.

Question 3: Nearest MRT to Club Street?

Answer 3: The nearest MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) station to Club Street in Singapore is Chinatown MRT Station. It is located on the Downtown Line (DT19) and the North East Line (NE4). From Chinatown MRT Station, it's just a short walk to reach Club Street.

Question 4: Is Club Street near Maxwell?

Answer 4: Yes, Maxwell is near Club Street in Singapore. Maxwell is located just a short distance away from Club Street, making it easily accessible by foot.

Question 5: Is Club Street in Chinatown?

Answer 5: Yes, Club Street is nestled in Singapore's vibrant Chinatown district, renowned for its lively atmosphere, cultural heritage, and diverse culinary scene. With its traditional shophouses and historical landmarks, it offers a rich cultural experience within the Chinatown neighborhood.


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