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Are you thinking about where to treat your special someone on a date? This list of the Best Steak Singapore is just right on time. 

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Singapore is one of the best places to find the best steak restaurant. You’ll be surprised that the country has a lot of outstanding and famous steak restaurants just around the corner. Indeed, you’re going to love the taste of the steak while having the best experience in a steakhouse.

Steaks in Singapore are tender, savory, and loaded with flavor. It is usually deep smoked, but it can also be pan-fried. Steaks are cooked in sauce and this gives a unique taste to the customers. When it comes to the doneness of their steak, it can be well done, medium well, medium, medium-rare, or rare. You can choose from any of these choices to have a perfectly cooked steak just for you!

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To give you ideas on where to spend your special day this Valentine’s day, these food guides for the best steakhouses in Singapore are made to make your date less hassle. Read on to find out what’s unique to every steakhouse and know where this place is located!


best steak singapore picanhas steakhouse

Club Street is home to this halal-certified restaurant. The location is ideal for people looking for a meal after work. Added to it is the open-concept kitchen that matches the restaurant’s lighting and wall design. Undeniably, it provides a sense of comfort due to its calm ambiance and cozy vibes.

If you’re hungry and would love to fill your tummy with delicious and affordable steak, then this restaurant is for you. The best steak they have is the Picanha Don; it is sliced thinly and combined with pickled cabbage, garlic, onion, blue pea rice, and onsen egg making it more attractive. Another thing, to achieve its succulent taste, pair it with sauce like wasabi cream, chimichurri sauce, or sze chuan, and you’ll surely enjoy your meal!

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