10 best affordable steaks below S$30 in SG - Sethlui - Picanhas'

10 best affordable steaks below S$30 in SG - Sethlui

10 best affordable steaks below S$30 in SG

10 best affordable steaks

Few woes can’t be solved without a good, juicy affordable steak on a platter. It’s smoky, savoury, and honestly? One of my top-tier dishes to order on a menu whenever I’m feeling a little extra bougie that day.

Steaks don’t come usually come cheap, and I’m sure we’ve all walked into a restaurant, glanced at the price tag, mentally calculated the cost with service charge and GST, and thought, “maybe I’ll just eat the chicken instead.”

This changes today.

Here are 10 places to get an affordable steak below S$30 that won’t leave a hole in your wallet. 

9. Picanha

10 affordable steaks singapore

I’ve only tried Picanhas once, but I’m already awaiting the day I can do so again. At a mere S$25 for their Queen of Steak and a S$17 Picanha Don, the prices are hard to beat, and the quality even more so.

10 best affordable steaks

Thinly sliced, and oozing of a flame-grilled perfection, these steaks are what dreams are made of. They use a special Picanha rump cut, and every slab is finished with Binchotan Butter, giving it a full-bodied flavour with a tender bite.

90 Club Street Singapore, Singapore 069458
Tue to Sun: 12pm – 3pm, 5.30pm – 10pm
Closed on Mon

+65 9754 9109
Facebook | Website

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