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Ribeye | King of Steak

Behind every great steak is a story, have you ever thought about how something as simple as a ribeye steak with a bit of Picanhas' touch.

Introducing our first prime cut but we thought why not? We know you love steak and we love experimenting! Black Angus Ribeye steak features a generous marbling, which means more flavourful meat with less fat.

ribeye, king of steak

A ribeye steak has a thick marbling of fat running through each steak, giving it a rich flavour and juicy tenderness. King of Steak is one of the best steaks we've ever tasted – so we made sure that you would too! It served along with garlic mashed potato and finished with Binchotan butter for a smoky flavour.

With our easy-to-use online ordering system, convenient home delivery options, and flexible time slots you can enjoy your favourite meal from the comfort of your home in Singapore.

So, from us to you – eat like a king and let's talk about great steak!

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