Panquecas, 92 Club Street, Singapore

Panquecas, 92 Club Street, Singapore

So when I was looking for new dessert places to try out, I chanced upon Panquecas along Club Street. First impressions? I thought it was genuinely a Portuguese pancake spot, because after all, Panquecas means “pancakes” in Portuguese.

But then it turned out that Panquecas is a crepe place, one of the few Muslim-owned dessert spots in Singapore. I decided to give it a try; I was really impressed at the creativity and taste of a few halal spots like French American bakery and Tipo Pasta Bar.

The great thing about Panquecas is that it doesn’t bore you with the usual crepe flavors. Kopi-O and Apam Balik are familiar flavors to locals. I found Kopi-O extremely robust, nutty, and interesting in depth with its coffee crumble, beurre noisette, and coffee creme bits. It was neither too sweet or too bitter, and so those who aren’t a fan of sweet crepes will find this refreshing.

I think Panquecas complements their brother restaurant Picanhas quite well, and if you don’t like moving between restaurants, Panquecas borrows the Picanhas steak, served on the side with savory crepes filled with Calrose rice.

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